John Gowrie

Finish Carpenter and Woodworker

About Me

I started working as a finish carpenter in 1995, employed by my brother-in-law.  Working alongside him I learned the proper methods and skills associated with finish carpentry.  Always enjoying my work,  I continued to seek new methods and skills even in my off-hours.  This led me to set up a workshop in my garage where I started practicing different skills associated with general woodworking.  As my skills grew I started to look for projects to build and a small woodworking business was developed.  Now my shop is mostly set up for building custom cabinets aimed at dart players.  I have a separate website set up for that part of my business which can be viewed at,  My shop is also used for the initial cutting and prepping of material which will be used to create built-in cabinetry or furniture at a customers house.

It’s a firm belief of mine that you need to do something which brings you joy and a feeling of pride and satisfaction at the end of the day.  For me,  this comes from creating something that will be on display for many years to come.  Making money is important but at the end of the day it’s also very important to have your work truly appreciated by the person paying you for it.